Melbourne Food and Wine Festival



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About this organisation

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival started as a spark of an idea in 1993 with a modest program of 12 events. Twenty years later, the Festival has grown to host over 200 events annually with the last two years including significant temporary pop up installations in Queensbridge Square created as the Festival Hub.
In 2012 Melbourne Food and Wine partnered with Joost Bakker to bring Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Greenhouse by Joost.
In 2013 a design partnership with Hassell was formed to bring in association with a number of local build partners the Urban Coffee Farm and Brew Bar to celebrate the Festival theme of Earth. And in 2014 the space will again come alive through the continued partnership of these same partners in addition with Melbourne Water to bring The Immersery: Festival Kitchen, Bar and Raingarden a project inspired around the Festival theme of water.
All three projects have been designed in line with sustainable practices ensuring minimal impact on the space and conscious waste management programs. Each have had significant landscaping elements as part of the overall design with a large increase in the last two years prompted by Hassell, supporting key strategy to convert this space into a significant and unique green space for the community in the heart of the bustling city.

Why we support the vision

Because we believe it is a compelling and important initiative to bring awareness to the community around the importance of greening our urban landscape for a cleaner and healthier environment. Whilst enhancing an overall unique food and beverage experience for our consumers by creating a green event space.