United Nations Global Compact Cities Programme



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About this organisation

The UN Global Compact Cities Programme is the urban arm of the UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate social responsibility initiative. We support cities to implement the Ten UN Principles of the Global Compact and tackle the complex urban challenges that face our cities, regions and communities. Environmental concerns are a critical component of those Principles and are very high on the urban agenda. Planning for and developing green spaces is an essential part of building environmental and social sustainability in cities, and tackling critical issues such as climate change mitigation and adaptation. Within the green space framework is urban agriculture and food sovereignty, the Cities Programme has also recently been supporting initiatives and research in this area. Enabling green space is a component of many of our leader cities urban planning.

Why we support the Vision

The 202020 Vision is an excellent initiative, it is closely aligned with the values of the UN Global Compact Cities Programme. We are also conducting research in this area. We are very pleased to support 202020 Vision, to become a strategic partner, and to encourage other organisations to do so. We congratulate the organisers on their initiative and vision in establishing 202020 Vision.