Royal Horticultural Society of Victoria Inc



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About this organisation

The RHSV has as in its prime aims to:

1 The Society acting as a peak, unifying body for groups with similar, compatible aims and to provide leadership, resources, services, promotion and representation within the community at all social and political levels.

2 Developing and supporting events and programs in the general community to encourage participation in gardening and horticulture by all groups in the community, especially disadvantaged, disabled and aged sectors.

3 Developing and supporting environmental, conservation and community activities and programs for the general benefit of the community and the environment.

These aims are supportive of the 202020 Vision and the ability of the RHSV to be an effective partner in the process.
The RHSV has carried out and supported many projects including disaster recovery and community support activities. It is an ongoing aspect of the RHSV and its affiliated groups. We do it naturally.

Why we support the Vision

The promotion of the Green Space concept is directly compatible and relevant to the RHSV areas of interest and the interest of our affiliates and members.
The protection and development of green space is a vital aspect of community planning. The value of open space and the significant community benefits is balanced by pressure from development and other causes. Victoria, Melbourne in particular is known for its open areas and the beneficial affects they have. We need to protect what we have and develop additional green zones. New subdivisions in particular are subject to minimalist attitudes to open space. Community health and environmental enjoyment is impacted by the 202020 Vision. Our members as well as the wider community live in these areas thus it is incumbent on the RHSV to support and promote the 202020 Vision.
The RHSV has a diverse range of community groups including garden clubs, community gardens, specialist societies and environmental groups such as field naturalists and Australian native plant
Our focus is entirely on the development of practices that support the 202020 Vision concept
Through our Victorian groups we have 20,000 members and 30,000 Australia wide.
Thus we can provide a physical support that is often more difficult to achieve than financial support.