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About this organisation

The Hills BARK BLOWER company concentrates on the supply and installation of landscape products into job sites. The company has installed growing media into urban spaces to encourage and establish plant growth for over 14 years. The trucks are specially designed to cater for difficult to access areas such as high rise buildings and podium gardens. The Bark Blower company conducts regular research projects in conjunction with other organisations such as UWS and the EPA as well as private industry, to ensure quality and simply to find things out. The projects encompass green roof research, planter box aerobic activity research, and erosion control research. The company installs landscape products into job sites across the sydney metropolitan area every week, amounting to thousands of cubic metres of product per month. Our website details projects and research at

Why we support the Vision

The Hills BARK BLOWER has keenly supported the Green Roof Australiasia Association and the Landscape NSW and ACT Association as well as the International Erosion Association and the Waste Management Association because the vision for the company is to develop high quality, useful landscape products that enhance the environment where they are installed. We aim to leave the job site we work on with a better environment. The Hills BARK BLOWER company sees that the 202020 Vision is in line with our vision to green urban spaces and in doing so, to enhance the lives of the people living in these spaces.