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About this organisation

Green Cross Australia scales up innovative digital projects that empower more sustainable and resilient communities. We track our on-the-ground impact through digital mapping technologies that measure the actions taken by students, adults and businesses through our initiatives. Our business and research partnerships draw together like-minded leaders and their companies and research institutions towards our vision of a more resilient Australia. We work with all levels of government. We are not an advocacy group - rather we adopt a research based, peer-to-peer empowerment model.

Why we support the vision

Greening our cities represents one of the most positive legacy actions of our generation to the next. Green Cross Australia's seven award winning digital platforms have reached over 400,000 Australians since 2008, with the core purpose of catalysing positive responses to climate risks embedded in our warming environment, and mitigating these going forward. Our Business Adaptation Network includes infrastructure, property, services and manufacturing leaders who share our vision of cultivating a values shift towards a secure and sustainable future. We run Australia's largest primary school environmental education program "Green Lane Diary" which has reached over 600 schools and environment centres to share our purpose where it matters most - the heart and soul of Australia's future.