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About this organisation

The NINA Access Pathway is a new urban operating system that integrates utility distribution, storm water harvesting into a simple redesign of the curb and gutter architecture.

It would allow urban communities to get rid of power poles thereby allowing trees to grow and streets to be safer and more beautiful. It allows the bulk of urban rainwater to be kept clean and economically redistributed. By giving a dedicated space to smart city technologies we can transform urban landscapes into sustainable ecosystems, the amount of water harvested is equivalent to current urban consumption and can be deployed into gardens, local forests or redeployed into natural watercourses as clean water. Polluted water from roads can be easily isolated, cleaned and reused. The new architecture is a valuable asset that can be owned by communities, it generates income by leasing space to utility companies that no longer need to invest in power poles, street digging or high cost maintenance and it is storm, fire, flood and earthquake proof.

Why we support the vision

Urban landscapes as currently designed, maintained and operated are unsustainable. Through vision and better design this can be changed. Organisations such 202020bring focus to the need to change, we bring a definitive solution and so we should support each other.