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The 21 suburbs of Banyule City lay on 63 square kilometres between 7 and 21 kilometres north-east of central Melbourne. The Yarra River runs along the City’s south border while the west is defined by Darebin Creek.

Banyule has plenty of open spaces and parklands, especially along the Yarra and Plenty River valleys. There are 466 hectares of open space owned by the City, as well as substantial areas of parkland managed by Parks Victoria. These provide a wealth of recreational, environmental and tourism opportunities for the region.

Why we support the Vision?

Banyule’s passive and active open spaces, bushland reserves, and broad tree cover are key features of the municipality and are strongly supported by community values.  The enhancement and maintenance of Banyule’s parks, reserves and private gardens is paramount in contributing to sustainability and a sense of wellbeing in the community. 

We are committed to protecting and enhancing the diverse land and water-based ecosystems in our municipality.  We will strive to create and maintain additional habitat areas that are ecologically sustainable, and which will encourage our community’s connection with nature.

We will focus on the protection, enhancement and maintenance of our significant bushland reserves to promote biodiversity.  This involves managing Banyule’s Urban forest, which consists of our Street Trees, Parklands and reserves as key environmental assets for the benefit of our community.

As part of Banyule’s City Plan we are committed to raising community awareness of Banyule's Urban Forest through working with community to broaden our understanding of the benefits and importance of our urban forest and to increase our connection to them.

Other key initiatives include developing an Urban Forestry Policy and Strategic Plan and to continue to build on research and measurement of management innovations and the way our landscapes are planned and designed into the future ensuring appropriate engagement with the local community. 

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