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About this organisation

The GreenSmart Self-Watering Pot is a sustainable urban gardening solution that allows fresh organic produce to be grown at home in limited space and with very little effort. With zero water wastage and the ability to harvest rainwater, this Australian design takes the effort out of gardening with no digging or weeding, watering only once a week and producing 30% higher yields than in ground methods! You don't even need a garden to get started! The pot has its own!

Why we support the vision

We support the 202020 vision because it's in complete alignment with our own. Here at GreenSmart Australia we are all about creating a Greener, Smarter, healthier future...not only for ourselves, but our children and our environment... We too believe in the value of a greener landscape and the impact nature has on our nervous system, biology and our psychology. We believe that a healthy environment produces healthy people and healthy people produces a happy community. We believe that reducing carbon emissions is a global responsibility that lies as much in the hands of individuals as it does the corporations and the government...and we all need to do our part. It's initiatives such as the 202020 vision that is exactly what this world needs!