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About this organisation

The Australian Institute of Horticulture (AIH) has always promoted the wider use and best practice application of urban green spaces. Of particular relevance to the 202020 Vision is the first of the institute’s aims being : To improve our physical environment through appropriate use of plants.

AIH has been established in Australia since 1960 and more recently has established a membership base in Singapore and Hong Kong. AIH has a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Parks Board of Singapore and shares the experiences and project developments of managing and reducing heat islands, the better use of available water and the amenity of spaces devoted to green uses. AIH members and the AIH Registered Horticulturists operate in a diverse and multidisciplinary horticulture community. Members and Registered Horticulturists work in both amenity and environmental horticulture in areas ranging from plant selection, propagation and management; landscape and horticulture design and landscape maintenance. AIH members have a broad knowledge of, and practices in, all areas of urban and production horticulture. Members have strong representation in professional advice providers on urban and green replenishment projects in Australia, Asia and the South Pacific.

The institute undertakes a number of research projects to assist members, government and the public in better understanding horticulture and landscape management. These projects include a Queensland Waterwise Plant Database for the Qld. Government. AIH’s Continuing Professional Development programme includes seminars, field days and an annual Congress on relevant topics ranging from plant selection, soil health, horticultural propagation and landscape management. The annual Congress includes a number of highly recognised and prestigious industry awards to promote best horticultural practice such as Young Horticulturist of the Year, The Golden Wattle Award for services to horticulture and bestowing institute Fellowships.

The institute disseminates information on horticultural and landscape best practice through its bimonthly AIH news in Greenworld magazine which is distributed to AIH members and the Greenworld circulation of 5,000 issues; through the AIH webpage (; through direct mail e letters to members; through the AIH Facebook page and through AIH stands at events such as landscape conferences, plant fairs and garden festivals.