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About this organisation

We run a weekly radio show and podcast, The Sustainable Hour, on Geelong’s community radio 94.7 The Pulse, and work closely together with organisations such as Geelong Sustainability Group, Transition East Geelong and Transition South Barwon.

Why we support the vision

If every person on the planet was committed to planting 10 or 20 trees every year, we would be changing the world and addressing climate change at the same time. Planting a tree is not only helping with decarbonising the atmosphere, it is a symbol of awareness and connectedness: that we care about the long-term perspectives, future generations, and that we feel connected to the life and nature on the planet we live on. Geelong will benefit in various way from becoming greener and more attractive, also economically. It attracts tourists who will feel like staying longer. It attracts young change-makers and innovators. And this is something that gathers our neighborhoods because it is an activity we do together. The 202020 vision to plant more plants and trees is important and we must work on that it gets the support from all residents of Geelong.