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About this organisation

OCULUS is a design based Urban Design and Landscape Architecture studio focused on creating great public spaces. We work for the public and private sectors throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA and South East Asia. The studio has a commitment to projects that: bolster social interaction; are based on achieving public amenity; are inclusive; are delightfully individual; and respond sensitively and cleverly to their particular environmental setting.

Over the last 15 years we have gained extensive knowledge designing and delivering a broad range of project types of varying sizes and scales. Our experience includes: the planning and design of new towns; urban regeneration; land management; campus design; health facilities design; streetscapes; public places and plazas; parks; urban waterfronts; river and creek restoration and rehabilitation; WSUD responses; landscape structures and buildings; forecourts and lobbies; roof and vertical gardens; play spaces; urban furnishings; public art collaboration; public and private gardens; horticulture; design guidelines and report writing.

We welcome collaboration. Our role as designers is to look, listen, generate ideas, test, persuade, confirm and deliver. Armed with an array of skills, techniques and field experience, we are able to work well with a range of people from all backgrounds, positions and interests. Our understanding of collaboration is not merely working alongside consultants, stakeholders and clients but instead, enthusiastically exploring the interface between disciplines and agendas to arrive at a new understanding.

OCULUS operates as three studios based around people with talent and a desire to improve the quality of our environment. We have an open studio approach and encourage all staff to be creatively involved in all stages and processes of the design. Our multi-disciplinary team has expertise in urban design, landscape architecture, architecture, industrial design and horticulture.

Why we support the vision

As landscape architects we strive to create great places for people. For us, great places are those with green networks offering shade and texture; public spaces which are well defined and socially inclusive; places which offer a range of experiences such as intimacy and exposure; and spaces which are delightfully quirky and creative; all created through landscape, architecture, planning and the interweaving of all three disciplines. We enjoy inhabiting green space and we understand the impact green space has on our health and wellbeing. Green spaces have a performative function. Trees reduce greenhouse gases through carbon sequestration; have an impact on the heat island effect and can greatly impact microclimate conditions.