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About this organisation

Devesus leverages the latest research and product development to deliver value add solutions to our clients within a robust sustainability framework. These assist clients and teams to exceed the performance demands of projects from large urban design and mixed use developments to interior fit-outs.

Why we support the vision

Most people will live in cities in the foreseeable future. Research into the physiology of visual exposure to soft (green) landscape is pointing to measurable health benefits, even beginning to label such exposure as a vital human nutrient – Vitamin G. The benefits include positive effects on immune system resilience, with implications for public health expenditure, labour productivity and inclusive wealth. The benefits of more urban landscape are understood already to include absorption of noxious gases (healthier streets) and carbon sequestration. The additional benefits now recognised from Vitamin G make the case for a much greater bias towards urban green in the planning and development of our cities overwhelming, and particularly above 25m, in order to deliver more liveable, healthy and productive cities.