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About this organisation

Victory Gardens was established to activate otherwise unproductive spaces in the Newcastle CBD for the purposes of urban farming. It is contributing to urban renewal in Newcastle by beautifying previously barren urban space with green spaces, providing a natural vista and focal point for urban communities. Victory Gardens also offer a range of products and services for people and communities to grow their own fruits, vegetables and herbs wherever they are. We offer solutions for backyards, balconies, stratas, workplaces, aged care facilities, public parks even rooftops. We are about helping the community take advantage of the spaces they have to grow food that tastes good, and that hasn’t had to travel around the globe to reach their plate! The name Victory Gardens, was derived from war time when citizens were encouraged to establish a victory garden at home or in a public place to alleviate food shortages. The reinvigoration of the concept of a victory garden engenders a nostalgia for the resourcefulness of yesteryear as we tackle the post modern challenge of sustainability and biodiversity in an urban landscape.

Why we support the vision

We strongly believe in increasing the amount of green space in our cities. Having measurable targets is vital. Similarly to 202020, we are about "turning grey spaces green" in our, The City of Newcastle.

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