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About this organisation

At Three Green we have an extensive 17 year history in the promotional products industry. The business has been completely re-imagined and reinvented from the ground up over the last two years, with the aim of operating within a sustainable [ecological] and quality product framework. We refuse to sell rubbish and therefore have become a key distributor in Australia for Stone Paper, which is 100% made of Stone, not trees!

Why we support the vision

Being a key distributor of Stone Paper we know that it takes 4 tonne of trees to make 1 tonne of paper and it only takes 1 tonne of Stones to make 1 tonne of Stone Paper. During the production process there is no bleach added and it uses up to 60% less water as well. We support the 202020 Vision to have more green spaces in Urban environments because we see it to be not only about the surrounding buildings and construction but also whats happening inside those buildings with paper products that people need to be educated on.