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About this organisation

The practice offers innovative thinking and preparedness to push the boundaries in sustainable urban and regional development to transform existing environments into high quality liveable spaces and places. We view sustainable future human habitation through design and planning as being about reducing inputs to create a product that satisfies functional, aesthetic social and environmental needs, achieved through a scrupulous and ethical contribution and commitment to sustainable land and community development projects. We work closely with clients to integrate holistic, broad-based planning and environmental solutions (through partnerships) to land use practices.

Why we support the vision

Green lungs are vital for the functioning of all communities, whether they be villages or major cities. Access to these green lungs for people to enjoy the visual and textural values of green space is very important also as it helps to remind people (or educate them) of the value of fauna and flora in our lives. Increasing green spaces through policy, planning, acquisitions and education will benefit communities, cities, the nation. There is also economic and social benefits through enhancement of our green spaces through the potential reduction in weed species, increased carbon and other emission capture, improve storm water and permeability opportunities for the recharge of acquirers.