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About this organisation

We design and construct dramatic native landscapes. Our in-house design team have a market leading planting knowledge and use the latest construction technologies to create stunning natural landscapes.

Why we support the vision

As the urban sprawl of the past 20 years has spread our city over the existing bushland, we have to give back to nature by investing in it. I strongly believe that work has taken place around Melbourne that was rushed or want studied properly leaving us with under utilised dead areas of the city. What a great opportunity! Instead of looking at the paddock over the fence, lets stop and revisit areas of the city that fit the criteria. If we are going to do this though, we need to do it properly and plant local indigenous species. Ben is a 26 year old landscape designer and a registered builder. He employs 5 full time staff and has worked at Kuranga Native Nursery for the past 7 years.