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About this organisation

The Weed's Network is passionate about a sustainable, viable and creative future in our relationship with weeds. Through a spirit of willing exploration we foster ways to better understand weeds so they become a resource we can manage with environment and future generations in mind. The Weed’s Network provides evidence-based information for innovative ways of thinking about, engaging with and working with weeds sustainably. Founded by Dr David Low in 2009, The Weed's Network distributes 'The Weed's News' to more than 35,000 weed stakeholders. The group also produces an on-line 'Working with Weeds Guide' which aims to be a leading resource for learning about Bio-Holistic™ options for living with and working with weeds.

Why we support the vision

We support the idea that our cities need more plants and trees. We agree that plants and trees (including weeds) are good for our health and productivity, keeping cities cool. We agree that, if managed thoughtfully, plants and tress can reduce pollution, such as pollution caused by herbicides.