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About this organisation

Lochness Landscape Services was established as a family business to address the needs in the market place for a quality service provider at a competitive price. Ensuring that we provide a Quality Service to our clients meant meeting “industry best practices” and developing a line of reporting that is clear and refined as to meet all legislative requirements. Today we manage over 150 site throughout Western Australia and are a member of the Landscape Industries Association of Western Australia (LIAWA) with the same principal that were established over 10 years ago of Quality Service. Our client base is made up from a variety of organisations ranging though all levels of government and the private sector. We provide the Western Australian state government with Open Space management services, were we provide a full range of specialised turf outcomes using our fully trained staff. Within the private sector we provide both property developer and facility management with a full horticultural service which is performed by our team of horticulturalists all having a well-defined eye for detail. Lochness Landscape Service has gained a reputation as an “industry trend setter”, by investing in the latest equipment and technology to provide our staff and clients with a peace of mind that we aim to be the best at what we do. The owners are committed to the investment in machinery and currently have horticultural equipment valued at over $1,000,000 available to meet the daily requirement of being an industry leader whilst making sure we are in a stable position to meet the unforeseen circumstances within the industry. Our landscape services consist of a Turf Unit, Horticultural Unit and a Construction Unit. Lochness Landscape Services operates services within the Perth Metropolitan area and the Great Southern with offices in Rockingham and Albany. LLS maintain a multiple of government contracts in and around the Great Southern, utilising local employment.

Why we support the vision

As the urban development over the past 30 years has spread over our city over some of unique and diverse bushland of WA. We have to ensure that this is protected and by giving back to nature through investing in it. We must remember that Parks and gardens are critical to our health and well being, like "Lungs" to humans are in this ever increasingly high density city living. It is vital that green spaces are available for city dwellers and children to reconnect with nature, before it is a distant memory.