Miss Henderson



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About this organisation

The aim of Miss Henderson is to help create and promote long-term relationships with, and a greater appreciation for plants and our natural environment. Miss Henderson does this by providing indoor plants with handcrafted ceramic pots, assisting customers to make informed plant choices, providing education on the care and maintenance of plants and offers a plant selection and horticultural consultation service. 

Why we support the vision

With the predicted increase in population and housing density forecast for Australia over the coming decades, now is the time to protect our green spaces and ensure that there are more planned to provide much-needed respite from hard urban areas. We already know from numerous studies that making a place for plants in our homes, at work and in our neighbourhoods is crucial for our mental and physical wellbeing. We also know the important role that plants and trees play in the wellbeing of our planet. It seems that green spaces – small and large – are an undeniably essential part of our lives. So the simple answer is that it's too important NOT to support the initiative. We know that putting the right pieces in place now will help grow the initiative for future generations, beyond 2020.