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About this organisation

RB Landscapes is an established design and construction company whose purpose is to engage school communities with the environments which support them. We achieve this through the sharing of ideas and conversations with school communities to design and build sustainable landscapes of learning. A team of expert builders, landscape architects, horticulturalists and educators – combined with flexible design approaches and a practical construction philosophy – RB Landscapes deliver beautiful, robust and school specific landscape outcomes to meet each community’s specific requirements. Projects typically include outdoor kitchen classrooms, passive play areas, educational landscape systems and installations of landscape art and sculpture, as well as a various design workshops that engage students themselves in the creation process. Across all projects we aim to artfully and affordably realise a schools design goals, encouraging the need to continually explore and reinvent how we think about and understand our place within the broader environment.

Why we support the vision

Designed & Lived When working with school communities we strive to excite and engage students with the landscape they inhabit. We compose designs that complement existing features, provide interactive features and educational opportunities while cultivating an aesthetic that entices students to want to spend more time within a space. Learning Landscapes Working closely with teaching staff, community members and students enables us to get to the heart of a landscape project, providing outcomes that directly support school curriculum objectives and encourage students to take ownership of and care for the land. Inspiring Constructions Our talented designers are supported by an in-house team of professional builders with a wealth of experience in school projects. This aspect of our company ensures peace of mind that things get built as intended as well as providing school communities the flexibility to take ownership in the construction staging of their project.