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About this organisation

Sunogetic is not just another solar company trying to get into to an industry with a huge future in order to make a buck. Sunogetic was built from the heart, and founded because Australia needs innovative solutions to tackle the issue of climate change - not to mention rising electricity costs. Since the sun is the Earth's primary source of all energy, it make sense to tap into a readily abundant resource rather than continuing to invest in coal stations power lines, etc.. Power companies are earning billions in profits, with catastrophic effects on the environment. They will not give up their share without a fight. Lets face it, the way we run this world is less than perfect, but it can be turned around, and its already happening. But it will take allot of work, effort, and time. Sunogetic is willing to do what ever it takes to spread awareness, help people in anyway we can.

Why we support the vision

Sunogetic supports 202020 vision because it aligns very closely with our own company mission which is to help home owners and business live in harmony with our planet by using the power of the sun. Ultimately, this requires the action and collaboration of many corporations and individuals to work toward a common goal.