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About this organisation

TREE PRESERVATION AUSTRALIA (TPA) is the leader in bio-remediation and organic plant health care. Dedicated to the regeneration of urban forests and plants, it involves the application of high quality scientifically validated natural products made and used according to fundamental biological principles to restore soil health, remove soil toxins and enhance soil life and plant root associations.

Why we support the vision

There is a significant gap in mainstream understanding of elementary soil-plant function - only when there is a healthy soil and healthy plants can there be a connection made to a healthy human population. TPA sees 202020 Vision as an essential vehicle to deliver this important message to individuals, professionals, industry and the general public in order to finally begin regeneration of declining landscapes without the premature replacement programs so actively being promoted. Better to quickly and economically recover existing plants by building soil health, and then invest in more new plantings into a biologically enlivened soil suited to those plants. Microbes are the foundation of a healthy planet, and we must dedicate learning and its application to bring life back to its natural capacity.