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About this organisation

Gondwana Landscapes and Consultancy specialises in indigenous flora, native plants and low water use gardens. Our goal is to design and create a drought resistant native garden to suit our client’s needs, or revegetate areas using cost effective low disturbance techniques. We offer a tailored consultancy service with the option of a report or garden plan to create a new garden or rehabilitate an area that needs some help to become wildlife habitat. We offer regular maintenance of your garden or rehabilitated area, taking care of weed control, brush-cutting, pruning, fertilising, natural pest-control, soil erosion control and identification of indigenous species. If there are existing garden areas that need attention we can advise or provide labour for rejuvenating old gardens with pruning, mulching and feeding. We specialise in revegetation by using a process of assisted regeneration if native plants are already present or nearby, or by re-planting using locally indigenous plant species. A combination approach can work well and is very cost effective, especially where planting of tube-stock or direct seeding is used. Weed control for fire hazard reduction with the removal of standing weedy grass and woody weeds to leave only the native plants. This greatly reduces fire risk, while increasing the number of native plants. Gondwana Landscapes and Consultancy also participates in educational programmes, the radio and printed media and are available for public speaking.

Why we support the vision

Gondwana Landscapes and Consultancy supports the 202020 Vision as we would like to see the stabilization of declining native plant and animal species from the urban area. We feel this project will further increase awareness on the importance of green space especially in urban areas with regard to improvement of amenity, the climatic benefits and in conserving biodiversity.