West End Community Association



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About this organisation

The West End Community Association (WECA) is a not-for-profit, incorporated association of residents and friends of Kurilpa (West End, Hill End, Highgate Hill and South Brisbane). Formed in 2004, WECA celebrates and promotes our values, events and the people that make Kurilpa a vibrant and diverse community. We advocate for better development outcomes that advance community interests including greenspace.

Why we support the vision

We strongly support the purpose or 202020 Vision about what you want to achieve. Our neighbourhood is being filled with concrete without adequate greenspace. We are professionals from design, health, business and economics backgrounds and we understand the need for greenspace for healthy communities - physical as well as economic well being. We need to get this right - not mess it up for future generations. We know that the issues are systemic and we are delighted to see what you are doing. We support your actions and would be interested to hear how we can find synergies.