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About this organisation

City of Darebin is a local government area in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Bordered by Darebin and Merri Creeks, it has an extensive network of parks and gardens. Over 144,000 people call Darebin home.

The Darebin community places great importance on the quantity and quality of open space made available to them, and Darebin City Council’s newly endorsed GreenStreets Streetscape and Urban Forest Strategies are evidence of our commitment to increased greening.

Both strategies set targets to increase the quality and quantity of green space, acknowledging the importance green spaces play with regards to health and wellbeing, stormwater management, urban heat island mitigation and biodiversity.

Darebin values all of its open spaces and focuses on municipality-wide greening with the revegetation and management of Merri and Darebin Creeks, and the upgrade and development of small neighbourhood pocket parks through to large regional parks.

Relevant Projects include the following:

The All Nations Food Forest
Doug Hannan Reserve, Hayes Park and Pitcher Park Playspace Upgrades
Reservoir Streetscape Masterplan Implementation
Junction Urban Master Plan
Bundoora Park Masterplan Implementation
Council’s Street Tree Planting Program which will see 2000 trees planted in FY2014-15
Medium and Neighbourhood Playspace and Pocket Park Upgrade Program
Retail Activity Centre Streetscape Upgrades and Tree Planting
Management of natural areas at Gressweld Reserve, Edwardes Lake Park, Bundoora Park, Merri Creek Corridor and Darebin Creek Corridor.

 Why we support the vision

As the urban population grows and private green space becomes less available, public open space increases in social and community value. Darebin City Council recognises the significance of its public open space and commits to sustainable management and growth into the future. This commitment is closely aligned to the 202020 Vision.