The Horticultural Therapy Society of NSW



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About this organisation

The Horticultural Therapy Society of NSW (aka Cultivate.NSW) supports professionals and industry with resources to promote the practice of horticulture for therapeutic benefit. The Society provides networking opportunities, information, resources and industry-specific training as well as support and advice on the development of new projects.

Why we support the vision

The 202020 Vision clearly aligns with the Vision of the Horticultural Therapy Society of NSW: to 'Connect People and Plants for health and healing'. Our Society knows that rehabilitation for people with physical or mental health conditions will benefit and heal faster when they have access to natural environments or simply, plants. For people with certain physical conditions, the access to natural environments may not be straight forward. We advocate making green space or natural areas accessible for all, for the benefit of all. Some 20 years ago, company management began to remove plants from offices, which is since been shown to compromise worker health and productivity.Having access to green space for health or to grow culinary items is desirable. The shift about 2 decades ago with cities such as Sydney, losing their green space and hot concrete surfaces ever more dominating is at last turning around. Our Society advocates for and supports such measures as a pathway to healthy bodies, minds and spirits.