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About this organisation

The City of Sydney manages an urban forest of over 80,000 street, park and private property trees. Our Urban Forest Strategy aims to increase canopy cover by 50% by 2030 (to 23.5%); with an overall objective to maximise the benefits provided from our urban forest and ensure these benefits are distributed equitably across the entire local government area. As part of our Sustainable Sydney strategy, we also plan to make the local area as green, global and connected as possible. By 2030, every resident in the City of Sydney will be within a three minute walk (250m) of continuous green links that connect to the harbour foreshore and other key parklands.

Why we support the vision

There are so many proven economic, social and environmental benefits provided by urban forests and green spaces. Building widespread awareness and acceptance that we need to increase canopy cover, and improving the technical knowledge on how to deliver it, is vital in ensuring our neighbourhoods become more liveable, healthy and sustainable for the long term.