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About this organisation

Plantmark have been supplying quality plants and trees to councils, developers and landscapers for nearly 30 years. The experts in plant sourcing, Plantmark has access to the plant stock from over 600 growers nationally. Supplying an extensive range from tubestock through to advanced trees, including natives, ornamentals, grasses, landscape lines, hedging & screening, drought friendly, non-invasive, erosion control, shade loving, citrus & fruit, vegetables and herbs, succulents, water plants, indoor plants and more. In addition, Plantmark have their own Production Nurseries in Victoria and Queensland, growing a quality trees and shrubs to the highest horticultural standards for residential, commercial and municipal projects. Contract Growing is also a large focus, as it is the most effective and reliable way to ensure stock is delivered within project budgets and timing requirements. With more than 80 staff based across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, Plantmark is dedicated to assisting the growth of open spaces and the 202020 Vision.

Why we support the vision

Green space should be an important focus of all urban environments, new and existing. Not only does it provide more open spaces for enjoyment, both physical, mental and social, but also offers added the benefits of providing more shade, cleaner air, cleaner water, improved community health and increased real estate values.