Outerspace Landscape Architects



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About this organisation

Outerspace work in metropolitan and regional South Australia, with local and regional councils, SA Department for Planning Transport and Infrastructure and SA Department for Education and Child Development, residential estate developers, and commercial & retail developers. We design streetscapes, public reserves, play spaces in both public and education environments, water sensitive urban design and storm water recharge works, health and aged care facilities, and master plans for residential estates.

Why we support the vision

Outerspace have been involved in the design of green space of all kinds, and take particular interest in green infrastructure projects such as storm water recharge and retention projects. We have worked on Water Proofing the South (storm water retention basins and associated landscape works in the southern suburbs of Adelaide), Eastern Region Water Alliance (similar scope, covering the eastern councils of Adelaide) and Brown Hill Creek Storm Water Alliance (developing concepts for community engagement for the redevelopment of a creek running through several councils, with flooding issues). We also work on many council reserves, and develop reserves and play spaces within housing developments.