Metropolitan Tree Growers Pty Ltd.



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About this organisation

Metrotrees believes passionately in greening the urban environment and all the benefits that brings. Metrotrees grows advanced trees to the highest quality from our nursery in Alphington, Melbourne. Trees that are 'fit' for the environment they are going into. Metrotrees has almost twenty years experience in growing the highest quality trees for the urban environment. Our clients include many Councils and Public Authorities, Landscape Architects, Landscape Designers and Landscapers.

Why we support the vision

Planting trees and flora is an essential element to any liveable city. Cities of concrete are detrimental to physical and mental health. Green cities are alive; they support a multitude of flora and fauna, intercept particulate matter, remove carbon dioxide and add oxygen to our atmosphere, enhance physical and mental well-being plus many, many more positive contributions. The 'greening' concept is not only important for people today but for the generations to come.