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About this organisation

Conrad Gargett is a progressive firm with a vibrant legacy of prominent and enduring designs. Since 1890 Conrad Gargett has continuously evolved. Operating from Brisbane, Sydney and Townsville, Conrad Gargett delivers projects internationally, across a diverse range of sectors including health, heritage, research, defence, education and commercial.

Why we support the vision

An aging population is contributing to ‘spiralling’ health costs, with major efficiencies and innovation being called for to help manage health spending. Research suggests that access to nature can manipulate our frame of mind and in turn this can affect our physiological and psychological health. Ulrich’s landmark study in 1984 demonstrated that patients viewing trees rather than a brick wall, while recovering from gallbladder surgery, spent on average close to one day less in hospital and required less pain medication. The contribution of nature on health and wellbeing in the urban environment is well documented. Conrad Gargett supports the 2020 vision of increasing green space to support health and wellbeing, encourage a healthy lifestyle and improve direct and indirect contribution to ecosystems.