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About this organisation

The ACT Government administers the Australian Capital Territory and Australia’s national capital city of Canberra. The city, combined with adjacent Queanbeyan in New South Wales, has a population of over 440,000. The city is surrounded by agricultural lands however the majority of Territory land is in reserves to protect water supply and our ecosystems - from grassland plains, through hilly woodlands to forested mountains and alpine areas.

Why we support the vision

Canberra is renowned as the ‘garden city’ and ‘bush capital’ and the 202020 vision for enough trees in sufficient open spaces is an expectation of all Canberra residents. In every district, Canberra has a network of open spaces that link where people live and work with parks, playing fields, reserves and waterways. The trees in these open spaces combine with Canberra’s tree lined streets to form the urban forest. However this living asset is facing a number of challenges including age, urban intensification and climate change impacts. Being part of the 202020 network is a great way of sharing ideas and solutions to the issues we all share.