m2 To the vision

About this organisation

We are a start-up working with schools, councils and communities to improve green infrastructure, grow food, leverage environmental services and deliver progressive environmental education that empowers communities to take action to improve both personal and environmental health. We focus on innovative design and management approaches that are influenced by environmental science, biophilia, permaculture, holistic management, keyline agriculture and other powerful tools designed to improve productivity in landscapes. We are passionate about creating a brighter future for us all.

Why we support the vision

In todays world of shrinking resources and expanding global populations the time to band together and collaborate to revitalise the natural world and green our urban areas have never been more urgent. We are a part of the environment we often abuse. We now have an incredible opportunity to re imagine and design the world we want to live in and pass on to the next generations. I am excited by what lies ahead and about working with other like minded people and organisations to help achieve and go beyond the 202020 vision of creating living cities and vibrant communities.