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About this organisation

RBi ARCHITECTS have been in practice for over thirty years and in that time have constantly been promoting sustainable design. Principles we follow include natural light, cross ventilation and low energy use in both commercial and residential projects.

Why we support the vision

Communities are coming to expect sustainability as an inbuilt feature of their neighbourhoods. Governments, mainly at the local level, have introduced standards and recommendations that recognise the inevitability of the green house effect. This has led to mandated requirements around things like energy efficiency and rainwater capture and reuse at the household level. This is now becoming part of holistic infrastructure planning.

Offsets achieved through the inclusion of carbon negative developments (i.e tree planting are now included in the economic equation, although reluctantly by the current Government. For the greening of our planet to take place it needs to be a global movement. For global movement to be recognised it needs to gain traction at a local level then a regional level then a national level and eventually a global level. That is why RBi ARCHITECTS support the 202020 Vision.