Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale



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About this organisation

Being a local government (nicknamed SJ) we deal with issues brought to us every day by the people living here. Traditionally, local community members such as farmers, horse industry owners, various professionals, hobby-farms owners and artists, are all open-minded individuals who have a very strong sense of community identity.

However often the newcomers living in newly created residential estates / suburbs are different, with lower appreciation of the environment and much high expectations in regards to parks and verges but without personal commitment and support towards doing the good things. My role is to guide developers and the community in the delivery and care of open spaces and green networks.

Why we support the vision

Our Multiple Use Corridors (designed for shade and local biodiversity) bring an ecological restoration of degraded landscapes and soils. The provision of street trees creates links to these networks giving us hope that once fully grown, these new urban cells will turn into happy settlements. The 202020 Vision is a vehicle for me to convince those community members whose support we need to deliver our SJ restoration vision.