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About this organisation

The Institute's goal is to provide a more sustainable approach to the way we live. In conjunction with urban planners, decision makers, developers and professional activists with the aim to address important matters such as climate change, sustainable blue-carbon ecosystems as well as develop the market for ecological services. In simple terms we support environmental sustainability interconnected with modern urban development schemes.

Why we support the vision

We support the 202020 Vision as our core values, objectives and goals are perfectly matched and would be mutually beneficial to work together to share our knowledge and resources and passion to achieve our objectives. As the core principles of ecological sustainable development is environmental problems are global. However the solutions are local and local's will research and lobby for the best possible outcomes. One outcome is repackaging the "Garden of NSW" Wollongong into Australia's First Smart Hi-Tech Eco-City by renewing our green infrastructure by planting 20% more local flora and connecting our local creeks and wetlands with north/south/east/west green corridors. Working with your 202020 vision will insure the local impediments to achieve our goal are minimised and not repeated.

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