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About this organisation

2000 Acres is a project designed to connect people to land, resources and each other so that more people can grow more food in more places. We want to build holistic and sustainable cities for generations to come by changing how we use vacant land, establishing strong relationships between community, business, and government. 2000 Acres provides a web-based mapping platform to allow individuals or local groups to identify potential sites for community gardening. The initiative also provides a toolkit to help facilitate the growth of grass-roots community gardening through help and advice on everything from garden design to planning permits and public liability insurance.

Why we support the vision

We are hoping to enable communities to grow more food in more places, this aligns tightly with 202020's vision to have more green spaces in more places by 2020. By identifying and facilitating the greening of underused space in the urban environment we help move towards a win-win situation!