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About this organisation

More than a supplier of sportswear and quality training clothing, Zura has a culture of performance, results, and real achievement. Our garments are designed to inspire and make people move. Zura plans to establish themselves as a brand that will represent a true renaissance in sports apparel by innovating a new ‘state-of-the-art’ approach to sports apparel. The clothing to fits nicely and looks sassy while allowing cool, dry clothing that’s easy to wear. 

Why we support the vision

The 202020 Vision is one that truly inspires individuals, communities and the world to see and observe nature from another angle. It is very important to give back to mother nature who gives so much but asks for little in return. While nature is to some extent a self healer we have continued to destroy it without putting much thought into our actions at large.

It is time someone came up with a brilliant idea to revive and rescue the planet that is suffering in the hands of humans. I commend the team of experts and individuals who have come together to give back to mother nature.