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About this organisation

VicRoads is a Victorian statutory authority that was established under the Transport Act 1983 and continued under the Transport Integration Act 2010. VicRoads’ purpose is to support economic prosperity and liveability by shaping the development and use of Victoria’s road system as an integral part of the overall transport system. This includes responsibilities for planning, managing and operating the arterial road network, together with delivering vehicle registration and driver licensing services.

Why we support the vision

The 202020 Vision project is driving collaboration between a diverse range of organisations and has the meritorious goal of increasing green space and usable open space in our urban areas. Green space has been shown to positively correlate with quality of living standards. Given that collaboration drives innovation, VicRoads hopes that by joining the 202020 network, we will be assisting the 202020 Vision team improve quality of living standards across Victoria and Australia.