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About this organisation

With Timandra Design & Landscaping (TD&L) commencing in 1995, the combined business knowledge is 40 years. With many awards attributed to TD&L, there is a strong sustainable ethic attached to every landscaping project. Clients are encouraged to include trees in their gardens for not only the aesthetic effect but the considerable environmental effects. Alison, TD&L’s sustainable designer is also a strong proponent of plants inside the home. In the garden, there is a place for both deciduous and evergreen vartieties, with a strong emphasis on indigenous where possible. Timandra is a regional business [in SW Victoria] ready to take the fight for more trees to the local councils in which they work - there are too many trees currently being removed without replacement.

Why we support the vision

TD&L would like to see the vision brought forward. If regional councils in particular, had a target that they had to meet by a certain year, it might make the residents within the council region more aware of the need for trees in their gardens. According to Alison “the obsession that is constantly voiced about leaves in gutters is so aggravating. To not grow trees for this reason is mind-boggling”!

It is unfortunate that some nurseries who sell trees lack adequate knowledge about what they are selling, e.g. different trees require different soils or conditions and grow to different sizes. This then often means that certain trees are planted inappropriately, giving that tree a bad name. It’s the tree that’s blamed, not the person who advised its placement. There should be a stronger degree of accountability attributed to plant nursery salespeople when they advise their clients.

Trees support the local ecology in so many ways, especially indigenous trees. Provision of habitat for different birds, as a food source for large and/or small birds, and their effect on the hydrological cycle, are all redeeming features of trees that are constantly overlooked. Trees also provide wonderful shade in summer - this cannot be bettered with sails that people use which provides no evapotranspiration relief whatsoever. And trees help to shade western facing windows on hot days through summer. TD&L definitely support the planting of more trees.