Urban Forest Consulting



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About this organisation

We critically analyse the quality and quantum of green infrastructure assets such as urban trees and open space to make recommendations for managing them into the future to face challenges such as climate change, urban densification, urban heat islands, integrated water management and human health and wellbeing improvements. We utilise on-ground and anecdotal evidence, incorporating worlds best practice to inform our work and form localised strategic partnerships to ensure our recommendations are fit for the future. A multidisciplinary, yet holistic, approach to managing the green spaces of our cities.

Why we support the vision

With the growth and densification of Australian cities, private green space, including tree cover, is the biggest loser. Streetscapes, parks and waterways are therefore increasingly becoming more important in counteracting this private loss. A national vision is vital in gaining momentum and understanding on this issue. By setting a simple achievable goal that all of Australia can work towards, a clear mandate is delivered, and one that is very much needed.