LNA Master Landscapers Association



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About this organisation

The LNA Master Landscapers Association is the peak industry body that represents the interests of NSW and the ACT’s landscape and garden maintenance contractors, designers and suppliers of products and services. The LNA promotes the importance of landscaping to the liveability of our urban environments and the integral role it must play in the future planning and development of our cities.

Why we support the vision

Landscape professionals are integral to the delivery of horticultural stock to the consumer both residential and commercial. The advent of new technologies including specialist infrastructure, re-vegetation, green roofs, green walls, edible gardens and environmental management and sustainability principles embedded in the regulatory controls means landscaping has a presence in the increasingly diverse market segments for horticultural produce. The anticipated increase in new and refurbishment works for residential single and multi unit dwellings and civil construction is where we see major growth in our industry over the next 3-5 years