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About this organisation

Ecoscape is at the forefront of creating innovative sustainable solutions using science and design. As a values driven organisation we always consider the relationship between people, the environment, the economy and how we can contribute to a better global future.

Why we support the vision

There are several reasons why we here at Ecoscape support the 202020 Vision:

1. The goal of 202020 vision is reasonably modest, not outlandish and therefore achievable and reasonable. Although we would like to see even more than a 20% increase in green space, this is a great first step. Who knows, maybe the next step is 302030 Vision!

2. We understand the importance of man's connection with nature, when this is lost, the ecology and environment suffer. Man's personal well being also benefits from a closer interaction with nature, and green space in the more 'sterile' urban areas is a great way to encourage this.

3. To achieve this goal, collaboration is of the utmost importance, and we see the 202020 Vision as an outstanding way of creating a network of like minded individuals all pushing in the same direction. The action is a sum of its parts.