City of Belmont



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About this organisation

The City of Belmont is a Western Australian inner city municipality, which is home to a diverse and harmonious community. Our growth as a unique, riverside City extends from numerous lifestyle opportunities, inclusive of close proximity to the Perth CBD, Airport and attractive river frontage.

Why we support the vision

The City believes that, in order to secure green infrastructure in the urban environment, a united voice and a combined vision is imperative. Joining the Vision is one step in fulfilling multiple goals of the City’s own Urban Forest Strategy. Two key strategic focus areas of the Strategy are “Leadership and Governance” and “Awareness, Participation and Capacity Building”. These set the overall objectives of: committing to the retention and enhancement of the urban forest by demonstrating good leadership; advocating wherever possible the importance of a sustainable urban forest; and to work with partners and the community to build awareness and capacity so the compounding value of green infrastructure and the urban forest is realised and recognised.