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About this organisation

City of Gold Coast is Australia’s second largest local government. Significant population growth over the next 20 years will drive new development in the city, and will need to be supported by an adequate provision of essential services and facilities, including greenspace, to maintain the Gold Coast lifestyle and character.

Why we support the vision

City of Gold Coast recognises the importance of creating more greenspace in urban areas. Health & Wellbeing, Cooler Cities and Better Water Management are just a few of the drivers for more green space, identified in the 202020 Vision, that apply specifically to the Gold Coast. The 202020 Network provides a wonderful resource for knowledge sharing. Through its website, publications, advocacy and workshops 202020 Vision continues to increase awareness across many disciplines and organisations about greenspace issues, opportunities and successes. The learnings from specific projects, such as Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy and the various steps that local governments have taken to achieve good outcomes, are particularly valuable. The City can utilise this information to inform and improve its processes and deliver better greenspace outcomes for the community.