Central West Councils Environment & Waterways Alliance



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About this organisation

The mission of the Environment & Waterways Alliance is to be an active partnership of councils across the central west of NSW, engaging all tiers of government and our communities, contributing to the protection and enhancement of the environmental, social, economic and cultural condition of our part of the world.

Why we support the vision

The 202020 Vision aligns with the values of the Central West Councils Environment & Waterways Alliance. Much of the work of the Alliance is supporting regional councils to value existing vegetation, improve waterway health through revegetation, implementation of Water Sensitive Urban Design Principles and weed management and improving and connecting habitat through vegetation management and revegetation. A major focus of the Alliance is capacity building activities to improve the knowledge and processes within local government. This is achieved through quarterly meetings including guest speakers, registered training events, provision of workshops and conferences and on-ground support.