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About this organisation

GeoProvide distributes the innovative German-made product called GeoRevive, which enhances plant establishment and reduces watering by up to 90%. GeoRevive is an ultra light-weight, all-in-one soil conditioner, water retainer and fertiliser. 

Why we support the vision

GeoProvide supports the 202020 Vision due to the mutual goal of wanting to create and establish more green spaces in Australian cities through the use of innovative, water-wise and eco-friendly methods allowing the environmental challenges that hinder successful plant establishment to be overcome. GeoProvide has the opportunity to help 202020 fulfill its mission of achieving greener cities in a water-wise way, by enhancing plant establishment and survival rates, improving soil fertility and drastically allowing major reductions in watering to be achieved. The one-time 'SET & FORGET' application, along with no need for additional treatments allows GeoProvide to help 202020 achieve its vision efficiently and effectively. Rooftop / vertical gardens and farms are a great way for 202020 to incorporate more greenery into cities and with the ultra light-weight nature of GeoRevive, this can become a reality.