Town of Bassendean



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About this organisation

Beginning as a small settlement called West Guildford in 1829, Bassendean was renamed in 1922. Bounded on two sides by the Swan River, Bassendean became a separate local authority in 1901. The town now has a mix of housing, parks and recreational areas, as well as light industry and commercial areas. It also has riverside public open space, some of which was land used by Aboriginal people for thousands of years as ceremonial places.

Why we support the vision

The Town of Bassendean’s 2014-2024 Environmental Management Plan articulates the numerous  management activities we are currently implementing to protect and enhance the Built and Natural Environment including Land Use, Cultural Heritage, Biodiversity, Water Conservation, Air Quality and the reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions.

The 2020202 Vision and 10 step program to develop an Urban Forest in order to bring about an improvement in the livability of our environment is very much aligned to the Town’s Vision to provide a high quality Built and Natural Environment for our community.