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About this organisation

What if the purpose of every single organisation, or every single act of development made the world a better place? Cohere is an interdisciplinary design and impact agency who partner with a diverse range of stakeholders to re-imagine how organisations and developments can create whole system benefit.

Why we support the vision

For 200,000 years, humans have evolved living in the natural world. And then, in what could be described as a blink of an eye, we did something really interesting. We went from spending 90% of our time outside to spending 90% of it inside. And while this move inside man made interiors has enabled us to achieve many great things, science is starting to show the we pay a price for our time indoors. We now know with some certainty that our health, depth of humanity and performance is inextricably linked with the natural world. Therefore, there is a mandate on a personal, business and planarity level to bring as much nature as possible into our everyday lives.