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About this organisation

Primary Principles is an innovative, independent agricultural, horticultural and rural development consultancy [ ]. Primary Principles takes an integrated Results Based Management (RBM) focus to rural industry and community development, small acreage agriculture, farmer and community capacity building, as well as professional project management, implementation and extension of best management practices, business and industry benchmarking and comprehensive assessment and analysis of development programs. Primary Principles can assist in achieving food security, sustainability, effective farm and landuse design and management, appropriate and efficient energy and technology use, business productivity, market planning and sustainable integrated pest management (IPM). Primary Principles offers professional expertise in controlled environment agriculture, rural development, small acreage consulting, extension and industry development, marketing and strategic growth, training and skills development, knowledge capture, evaluation and review, reporting and publication.

Why we support the vision

Primary Principles supports green development which enhances the environment whilst improving living standards. The 202020 vision is a step in this direction.